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An Analysis of the New American Opportunity Credit
(CPA Journal) – Existing law contains a number of tax benefits to help defray the soaring costs of higher education.
Planning For The Estate Taxs Return
(Forbes) – Do not be fooled by the estate tax lapse of 2010. It is true that the estate tax–which imposed a 45% tax on all assets in excess of $3.5 million–was repealed for 2010 as part of the sweeping Bush tax cuts of 2001. But it is unlikely your estate will get a free pass.
Spinning the stimulus
(Stateline) – When President Obama hosted the nation’s governors at a dinner last week, he gave a toast that captured the difference between a chief executive — state or federal — and a member of Congress.
Obama Bipartisan Health Summit Clears Path to Party-Line Vote
(Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama began yesterday’s health-care summit saying he wanted to find bipartisan ways to fix the health-care system. By the end, he said he might be left with a partisan path forward.
Oddball Tax Deductions
(Kiplinger) – Sometimes, despite objections from the IRS, taxpayers get to write off the darnedest things. Here are 14 of our favorites.

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