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Toyota Facing US Criminal Probe As Congressional Hearings Begin
(FOX) – Toyota’s top U.S. executive, under withering questioning Tuesday from a Congressional panel, acknowledged that the Japanese car maker has not fully determined why some of its models experienced sudden and unintended acceleration.
Obama Raises Cadillac Tax Threshold in Effort to Revive Health Care Bill
(BNA) – The president’s proposal begins with the Senate-passed bill (H.R. 3590) and makes a few changes to some of the most controversial elements, namely additional federal Medicaid funding for Nebraska and a 40 percent excise tax on health insurance policies that cost more than $8,500 for individuals and $23,000 for families.
Tax Tips for Real Estate Owners and Investors
(SmartPros) – As real estate owners and investors do business throughout 2010, they will more than likely face many complex tax issues that could strain their resources and drain profits.
Ten Rules For Deducting Career Education
(Forbes) – There are lots of tax breaks for college kids, but how about working stiffs who still want to learn or get an MBA?
Fed to Get $200 Billion Boost
(Wall Street Journal) – The Treasury said it will borrow $200 billion and leave the cash proceeds on deposit with the Federal Reserve, reviving a program that will make it easier for the Fed to raise interest rates when the time comes.

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