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Ponzis and Pyramids: What CPAs Need to Know
(CPA Journal Online) – Bernard L. Madoff. Patrick R. Bennett. John McNamara. Nicholas Cosmo. These names have two things in common: First, they were all residents of New York State, and, second, all were accused of operating Ponzi schemes. CPAs should learn lessons from these scandals and apply them in their own practice.
Tech, Drug Firms Face More Taxes if Income Shifting Limits Adopted
(BNA) – President Obama’s budget proposal to tax “excess returns” associated with transfers of intangible assets to offshore affiliates is likely to result in larger tax bills for the high-tech and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as other industries that get their money largely from intellectual property, analysts told BNA Feb. 16.
Improve Tax Tracking With Automated Workflow
(Journal of Accountancy) -“Why should we change the way we track tax work through the office? Isn’t the manual system better?”
Wall Street Braces for Data Deluge
(FOX) – Coming off several holiday- and snow-shortened weeks, Monday marks the beginning of a make-it-or-break-it period for the economy: the longest stretch of the year without a Federal holiday
New Credit Card Rules’ Double Standard
( – A batch of new restrictions aimed at curbing the most egregious credit card practices kick in Monday, but business owners will need to stay alert — the new rules don’t cover cards used for corporate purposes.

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