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Toward a (More) Paperless Tax Practice
(Journal of Accountancy) – Nearly all CPA firms prepare tax returns electronically. However, many still also use some old-fashioned methods, such as sending out tax organizers manually. Here are tips to more fully realize what it means to go paperless.
Fed Raises Discount Rate; Fed Funds Rate Unchanged
(FOX) – The Federal Reserve on Thursday raised its discount rate to 0.75% from 0.5%, an effort to return its lending facilities to more normalized levels
Home is Where Your Small Business Tax Deduction Is
(AP) – The deduction for using part of your home for business purposes — popularly known as the home office deduction — used to be something scary. It was widely believed that taking the deduction would automatically land you an IRS audit.
What You Need to Know About Social Security
(Kiplinger) – Five ways to make sure you get the biggest possible check.
Ten Things To Know About COD Income
(Forbes) – In the tax world, COD is short for “cancellation of debt.” If that phrase doesn’t sound familiar, you’d better read on, particularly given the state of the economy.

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