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IRS Says: Top 400 Earners in U.S Averaged $345 Million in 2007
(Bloomberg) – The figures for 2007, the last year of an economic expansion, show that the average income reported by the top 400 earners more than doubled from $131.1 million in 2001
Breaking Into Business Valuation
(Journal of Accountancy) – An aging population, increased regulation and the move toward fair value reporting have led to increased demand for valuation services in recent years.
The 2009 AMT Stimulus Patch: Tax Strategies to Minimize the AMT Liability
(CPA Journal) – The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) was enacted because of congressional reaction to the 1969 Economic Report of the President, which indicated that 155 high-income taxpayers with adjusted gross incomes above $200,000 did not pay any federal income tax.
How to Avoid Jurassic Technology
(MSN Money) – Here’s what you should know about the evolving worlds of TVs, phones and music players so that you don’t spend a fortune on soon-to-be-obsolete electronics.
IRS Oversight Board Finds Support for Return Preparer Regulation
(BNA) – Most taxpayers surveyed by the Internal Revenue Service Oversight Board said they believe return preparers should be regulated and should meet competency and ethical standards, the organization said in releasing its 2009 Taxpayer Attitude Survey.

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