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Future of Physical Presence Standard in State Sales Tax Landscape Debated
(BNA) – Utah State Tax Commissioner R. Bruce Johnson Feb. 4 urged Congress to abandon the physical presence standard for sales taxes and not to consider it for income or business activity taxes in the new economy, as lawmakers look at legislation (H.R. 1083) to require physical presence for certain such activity taxes.
Tax Credits, Medicare Fix in Senate Jobs Bill
(Reuters) – Highway funding and tax breaks for hiring workers figure prominently in a jobs-creation bill that Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Senate hope will attract rare joint support in an election year, lawmakers said on Tuesday.
Knowing Failure When You See It
(CFO) – In today’s volatile economic world, companies should be ready to ditch their best-laid plans at a moment’s notice.
Social Media Is Nothing New
(Business Week) – Nor is it anything to fear. The key is understanding how popular online tools make the difference
California Web Tax Grab Hits Small Businesses
(Forbes) – Upward of 180,000 California businesses are being ordered to register with the state’s tax collection agency, the Board of Equalization…

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