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An Overview of IRS Electronic Payment Options
(The Tax Advisor) – With the e-filing of tax returns becoming more and more prevalent,..Preparers should be aware of various electronic payment options.
Nurse Outduels IRS Over M.B.A. Tuition
(Wall Street Journal) – A Maryland nurse accomplished two rare feats in her battle with the Internal Revenue Service: She defended herself against the agency’s lawyers and won, and she got a ruling that could help tens of thousands of students deduct the cost of an M.B.A. degree on their taxes.
House Democratic Leaders Hear Concerns About Health Bill Excise Tax
(BNA) – Lawmakers and the aide said following the hour-plus meeting that members told leadership their constituents are expressing concern about the “Cadillac” tax in the Senate bill (H.R. 3590), with rank-and-file members saying the tax could capture many middle-class individuals and those with benefit-rich union-sponsored plans.
How the AOL-Time Warner Merger Went So Wrong
(NY Times) – A decade ago, America Online merged with Time Warner in a deal valued at a stunning $350 billion. It was then, and is now, the largest merger in American business history.
I-phone App Does Simple Taxes
(The Street) – An iPhone application that allows users to quickly file state and federal taxes by snapping a photo of their W-2 form.

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