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IRS Told: Dont Lien Too Heavily
(CNN) – The tax man has gotten a lot more aggressive in slapping liens on taxpayers who are seriously delinquent in their payments. In fact, the Internal Revenue Service issued 475% more liens last year than it did in 1999.
Geithners NY Fed Told AIG to Keep Quiet on Deals
(USA Today) – Controversial deals that sent billions of bailout dollars to Goldman Sachs and other banks were kept quiet under pressure from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, then led by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.
Best of 2009: Tax
(CFO) – It was a nice holiday surprise. Last November, at the behest of Congress, the Internal Revenue Service issued rules allowing companies to look back five years — before the financial crisis took hold — and offset taxable income from those “good” years with net operating losses from 2008 and 2009.
What You Should Know About the December Jobs Report
(FOX) – Headline writers will be divided between looking at the unemployment rate and the month-month change in payroll jobs. The data are derived from separate surveys – the unemployment rate from a survey of 60,000 households and the number of payroll jobs from a survey of 160,000 businesses and government agencies covering approximately 400,000 individual worksites.
Apple’s App Store Tops 3 Billion Downloads
( — Apple announced Tuesday that its App Store has surpassed 3 billion downloads from iPhone and iPod touch users.

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