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The Decade’s 10 Biggest Financial Crimes
(Business Insider) – The king of Ponz, Bernie Madoff, put a heavy capstone on nearly 10 years of epic financial rip-offs, many of them multi-billion dollar swindles.
Most Popular Kiplinger Guidance of 2009
(Kiplinger) – As Kiplinger’s Personal Finance senior editor Bob Frick explains in the Be a Better Investor article that kicked off our series on investor psychology, “herd behavior” often makes us think something is safer than it really is because everyone else is doing it. And “regret” causes those who can’t stand being left out to jump in. Both stimuli had a hand in the housing bubble that has played such a central role in the lingering economic downturn.
US House Prices up for Fifth Month
(BBC) – The recovery in the housing market continues to be uneven, with only 11 of the 20 cities tracked showing house price gains. On a yearly basis, prices were 7.3% lower.
10 Jobs That Will Get a Raise in 2010
(Fortune) – Farewell and good riddance to 2009, a year in which a whopping 85% of big companies did away with across-the-board annual merit raises, according to a survey by Deloitte & Touche. Surprisingly, executives fared somewhat worse than the rank and file, with 66% of senior managers seeing either no increase in their pay or a salary reduction, versus 54% of employees in the same boat.
Using The Cloud For Business
(Forbes) – …Too many people look at the cloud as a technology phenomenon when they should look at it as a business opportunity and an accelerator for collaboration. The cloud is an environment for creating ways of doing business that are radically different from monolithic ERP-based processes…

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