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Census Report Shows Slow Growth in States
(USA Today) – The U.S. population has topped 307 million people, according to the latest Census data, with the fastest population growth coming from the West. The shifting population could have a big effect on congressional reapportionment, as Ohio stands to lose two Representatives, and Texas stands to gain three. Take a look at the complete picture using the map below.
Ex-Bally CFO and E&Y Auditors Charged by SEC
(CFO) – Auditors at Ernst & Young wound up in the crosshairs of the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday, when six of the firm’s current and former partners were charged by the regulator for the part they played in an accounting-fraud scheme…
Obama in Late Push on Health
(Wall Street Journal) – With the Senate set to pass its health bill on Christmas Eve, President Barack Obama is planning to step up his involvement in the final health-care legislation, White House and congressional officials say.
Protect Your E-Mailing and Internet Surfing When You Travel
(Journal of Accountancy) – My tech-savvy friends warn me about computer-privacy risks when I travel. They say that checking my e-mail while in a Wi-Fi-equipped coffeehouse or an airport is practically an invitation for an unscrupulous person to monitor my messages and even steal my data. Are there any practical ways to protect myself?
Charities: Give Stocks Instead
(Kiplinger) – We hope it’s not hard to find winning investments in your portfolio this year after the remarkable market rebound since March. If you’re in a charitable mood, consider donating appreciated securities — stocks or mutual funds — instead of cash.

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