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Its Feds Decision Day
(CNN) – A year ago, the Federal Reserve took its key overnight lending rate, the fed funds rate, down to near 0% for the first time in its history in an effort to keep the economy from falling into depression…
Fraud Prosecutions Fell as Crisis Loomed
(USA Today) – Federal prosecutions for serious financial crime plummeted as the nation headed toward one of the worst economic meltdowns in U.S. history, a USA TODAY examination of Justice Department records shows.
A $38 Billion Tax Break for Citigroup With Payback of Bailout
(NY Times) – A day after Citigroup won approval to escape the government bailout program, a special tax break that the bank received to pave the way for its exit could become a point of contention in Washington.
Deferred May Not Be Preferred
(CFO) – For executives who have been deferring parts of their compensation, 2010 may be the time to rake in their winnings. While it’s rarely advantageous to pay taxes sooner rather than later, the likely expiration of former President Bush’s tax cuts at the end of next year could make doing so a relative bargain.
Divided Caucus Stymies Reid’s Health Plan
(CCH) – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s, D-Nev., plan to pass a sweeping $848-billion health care reform bill before Christmas suffered a serious setback over the weekend as several key lawmakers voiced their objections to recent changes in the bill and threatened to withhold their support for the measure.

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